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Anan Akhand is a supporting character in Crocodile. He is portrayed by Anthony Welsh.


Anan found his wife, Shazia, working in her office. He showed her the guinea pig he'd gotten at the pet store for their son. He said he could return it, but she said they could keep it.

Later, Anan brought Shazia a drink while she was working. She found a match to a potential witness, Mia Nolan, and asked Anan if it was okay if she went right away, as she got a bonus for completing her investigation within 24 hours. He said it was okay.

Anan was taking a bath that evening when Mia came in and killed him with a hammer, having already killed Shazia. Mia had murdered her friend, Rob, and Shazia had proof of that. And since Anan knew that Shazia was going to see Mia, she killed him to avoid being caught.


He was married to Shazia Akhand until her death. They had a son, Ali, together.