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Angelica Leigh is a character appearing in Black Museum. She is portrayed by Amanda Warren.


Angelica's husband, Clayton, was arrested for the murder of Denise Stockley. Believing he was innocent, Angelica campaigned to get him exonerated. It failed and Clayton was executed. Because of a deal Clayton had made with Rolo Haynes, his consciousness was extracted from his body and a hologram of him was placed in a museum, where tourists could come and execute him over and over again. Angelica led a group of protestors to try to get the museum shut down. It failed, but the protests were enough to kill traffic to the museum, forcing Rolo to get creative to keep the museum open, including allowing a rich man to pay to electrocute Clayton for longer than the normal time limit, which left Clayton alive, but unable to speak or interact. Angelica went to see him and was so horrified that she went home and swallowed a bottle of pills with a bottle of vodka. Her daughter, Nish, found her and withdrew her consciousness from her body and put it in her own body. Then Nish went to the museum, killed Rolo and freed Clayton's consciousness, then burned the museum down.


She was married to Clayton Leigh until he was executed. She spent much of her time trying to get him exonerated and after he was executed, she led a group of protestors to get the museum where a hologram of Clayton was imprisoned shut down. It didn't work, so her daughter, Nish, killed the owner of the museum and set it on fire.