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Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) is a song by Irma Thomas. It has been featured in multiple episodes of Black Mirror.

Fifteen Million Merits[]

Abi Khan sings the song while in the bathroom, which is what first catches the attention of Bingham Madsen. She tells Bing that her mother taught it to her, and she learned it from her mother. Abi later sings the song for the judges on Hot Shot.

White Christmas[]

Beth sings the song during karaoke.

Men Against Fire[]

While investigating Parn Heidekker's farmhouse, Raiman sings the song to intimidate him.


When Shazia Akhand gets access to the memories of a man who got hit by a pizza truck, the song is played in a car that went past him.

Later, when Shazia visits a witness on work, she plays the song to get access to her memories.

The song is played again in Shazia's car whilst she is on her way to Mia Nolan. To "jog" Mia's memories, Shazia plays it again. Later, when Mia holds Shazia captive and accesses her memories, the previous scene of Shazia in her car, singing along to the song is shown. Mia says she likes the song.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too[]

The song is extracted from Ashley O's brain during her coma and produced by her managers through speech synthesis.

Joan Is Awful[]

The song is played in the background when Joan enters a bar to meet Mac.