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Apparat is the name given to a device created by the "Roaches" that can disrupt the MASS system. It appears in Men Against Fire.


Catarina tells Koinange that the device was initially created by a man named Luca, who used harvested technology and electronics to reverse engineer and build the device.It is later revealed by Arquette that the device transmits a coded virus through bursts of light, which infects the MASS implant and causes it to malfunction.

The device is never named verbally onscreen, but handwritten blueprints found in a roach hideout are labelled "Apparat", which is German for "apparatus".


  • MASS Disruption:

When the device is flashed in the eyes of soldiers, it transmits a coded virus which causes the MASS implant to malfunction. In the case of Koinange, it starts with the targeting aid glitching, then his sense of smell returning, and finally the vision filter being deactivated, causing him to see "Roaches" in their true human form.