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Arkangel is a neural implant and monitoring system designed for parental supervision and child safety. It is featured in the episode Arkangel.


Tt is directly based on the Grain implant and if a person with arkangel has a grain or Z-Eye installed, the arkangel implant automatically merges with the grain or z-eye, allowing memories recorded by arkangel to be played back by the grain or Z-eye.

The device is comprised of two parts: a neural implant and a operation tablet called a Parental Unit. The system was trialled in the United States, but was eventually banned so did not see mass implementation. It was also banned in Europe.

Once inserted, the neural implant cannot be removed. However, the Parental Unit can be destroyed, rendering the system useless as the chip has nothing to transmit the information to.

After Sara Sambrell wanders off from a playground at age 3 and is briefly missing, her overprotective mother Marie Sambrell opts to have the Arkangel implant placed in her daughter's head.


  • Censorship Filter:

When activated, the filter visually censors (in the form of pixels) and dampens sound of any incident or view that could upset or disturb the child, in addition to anything inappropriate. The filter is incredibly sensitive, even determining sights such as blood and a parent crying as unsuitable.

  • GPS:

Enables tracking of the child with the implant, which is displayed on a 3D digital map on the tablet.

  • History:

The entire recorded history of what the child has seen is stored, and can be played back, similar to the Grain.

  • Profile:

Statistics of the individual.

  • Settings:

Controls the systems such as the filter.

  • Sight Stream:

Allows the parent to patch directly into their childrens visual feed and see what they see in real time and high quality.

  • Vitals:

All the childs medical vitals, from heart rate to blood iron levels are monitored and recorded by the implant. It also provides alerts in instances of elevated heart rate, narcotic intake, and pregnancy.

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