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Ashley Ortiz, better known by her stage name Ashley O is a Grammy award winning American pop singer. She serves as the protagonist of Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. She is portrayed by Miley Cyrus, who also voiced Ashley Too.


Ashley's parents died when she was young, resulting in her being adopted and cared for by her aunt Catherine Ortiz. Catherine nurtured and encouraged Ashley's passion for music, but as her niece became more successful, she began viewing her as nothing more than a source of income.

As she became older, Ashley became disillusioned with the brand of wholesome, saccharine pop music and personality she was being forced by her aunt to maintain in public, wanting to branch out into other genres of music closer to her heart. However, she was legally locked into a contract until she reached 25, and was forcibly medicated by her aunt's associate Dr. Munk with mild hallucinogens to make her meek and pliable.

When Ashley locked herself in her dressing room before one of her shows, Catherine had Bear break the door in. Catherine said she couldn't let her fans down and had Dr. Munk give Ashley two pills. Ashley waited until they were out of the room and spat the pills out into a tin, where she'd been collecting the medication for a while.

The next day, Catherine confronted Ashley, saying she knew Ashley wasn't taking her medication. She also had Ashley's journal, in which she vented her frustrations. Catherine thought Ashley was planning to use the pills to overdose intentionally. Ashley said she was keeping them to build a case against her and Dr. Munk to get herself out of her contract. Catherine said that the pills wouldn't kill her, but they would put her into a coma. Then she told Ashley she'd put them in her food as they took effect and Ashley fell to the floor.

Catherine told the public that Ashley had had an allergic reaction to shellfish and was left in an irreversible coma. In reality, she was using machines to keep Ashley in a coma and using technology to extract songs from her unconscious mind and using the recordings from Ashley Too to produce them.

Ashley was awakened when a sentient Ashley Too doll, owned by Rachel Goggins, an Ashley O fan, unplugged her machines. Even though she was awake, restraints kept her from getting up. Dr. Munk came in to sedate her on Catherine's order, but Rachel and her sister, Jack, stopped him and then freed Ashley. On her request, they drove her to the stadium where Catherine was presenting the new Ashley Eternal, which would allow them to project a hologram of Ashley onto stages around the world simultaneously. They got there in time to interrupt her presentation and Ashley gave Catherine the finger.

Free of Catherine's control, Ashley started performing her own music as she wanted, with Jack playing guitar and singing backup.


Her parents died when she was young and her aunt Catherine Ortiz took over raising her.


She is a singer. She started her career singing pop music. After breaking free from her aunt, she pivoted to rock music.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Ashley is a thin young woman with dirty blonde/brown hair that she covers up with a pink wig whilst performing. She is 24 years old.
  • She lives at 10030 Bushwick Drive in Malibu.
  • During her senior year of high school, she had a crush on Ryan Simmonds, but he wasn't interested, so she made out with his brother Stevie.
  • Before filming began, the executive producers thought Miley Cyrus would be a perfect fit for the role, but were surprised when Cyrus herself accepted the role.[1]


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