Ashley Ortiz, better known by her stage name Ashley O is a Grammy award winning American pop singer. She serves as the protagonist of Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ashley is a thin young woman with dirty blonde/brown hair that she covers up with a pink wig whilst performing. She is 24 years old by the end of the episode.

Ashley's parents died when she was young, resulting in her being adopted and cared for by her aunt Catherine Ortiz. Catherine nurtured and encouraged Ashley's passion for music, but as her niece became more successful she began viewing her as nothing more than a source of income.

As she became older, Ashley became disillusioned with the brand of wholesome, saccharine pop music and personality she was being forced by her aunt to maintain in public, wanting to branch out into other genres of music closer to her heart. However, she was legally locked into a contract until she reached 25, and was forcibly medicated by her aunt's associate Dr. Munk with mild hallucinogens to make her meek and pliable.

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