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An Autonomous Drone Insect, often referred to by its acronym ADI, is a type of miniature automated drone featured in Hated in the Nation.


ADI's were created in response to the population decline and borderline extinction of the honey bee, with their main purpose being to pollinate flowers and crops in the absence of the real life insects. They are manufactured by the company Granular and are partially funded by the British government.

The drones are solar powered and are basically autonomous, as their large numbers would make them impossible to control individually. They are equipped with military level encryption and also require a similarly encrypted diagnostic controller to gain manual control. It is stated by Rasmus Sjoberg that there are around 4000 ADI's per hive.


  • Pollination: The primary function of the ADI's and how they are best known to the public. Given that bees are virtually extinct, ADI's are responsible for the majority of flower and plant pollination in the United Kingdom.
  • Self Replication: The "hives" where ADI's congregate are equipped with 3D printing technology, which allows the drones to self replicate at a similar rate to real life bees.
  • Facial Recognition: In order for Granular to be allowed to manufacture and operate the ADI's on British soil, the UK government and security services demanded they be able to utilise the drones for surveillance purposes in instances of heightened national security. Facial recognition from the drones sensor is routed through GCHQ and used to track and identify potential terror suspects. This feature is heavily classified and is unknown by the general public and even the majority of police services.

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