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Baxter is a character appearing White Bear. He is portrayed by Michael Smiley.


Baxter took a job as an actor in and leader of the White Bear Justice Park. The park was founded after Victoria Skillane was found guilty of being an accomplice in the murder of Jemima Sykes, a six year old girl. As punishment, she was forced to live out each day in the park, unaware of who she was or what was happening as people hunted her while an audience watched and took pictures and video as she had with Jemima. In his role in the show, he welcomed each day's audience to the park and reviewed the rules with them. Then he made sure each actor knew when Victoria was approaching so they could be ready for their parts. He also put on a mask and became Gun Guy, who followed Victoria around with a shot gun and hunted her. He also appeared without a mask as Baxter, who pretended to help Victoria and Jem, only to betrayed them and then get "killed" by Jem. When the simulation ended each day, he played the video that explained to Victoria what was happening and what she'd done. Then he helped reset everything for the next day, including turning on the device that wipe Victoria's memory clean so she could start fresh the next day.


He is an actor at White Bear Justice Park.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • His clothes and the weapon he used to torture Victoria Skillane are on display in the Black Museum.
  • Michael Smiley, the actor playing Baxter, hails from Belfast in Northern Ireland. His Ulster English is prominent in the episode, an example being his frequent use of "yous" (i.e. "If I pull this trigger it's gonna cut yous both in half." during the woods scene)