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Bear is a character appearing in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. He is portrayed by Daniel Stewart Sherman.


Bear worked as security for Catherine Ortiz. When her niece, Ashley O, a pop star, locked herself in her dressing room before a concert, Bear kicked the door in to allow her access. He later showed Catherine the footage from the camera he'd put in Ashley's dressing room, which showed that instead of taking her medication, she'd been stockpiling it.

When Catherine gave Ashley all the medication at once to put in her a coma, then pretended it was due to an allergic reaction to shellfish, Bear stood outside her hospital room and stopped anyone from coming in, including hospital staff.

Over the next six months, Bear worked as security at Ashley's house while she remained upstairs in the coma. When Jack Goggins came to the door under the guise of pest removal, he let her in, along with her sister, Rachel. While Jack distracted Bear with nonsense questions, Rachel went upstairs with Ashley Too, which held Ashley's full consciousness. Bear got a call from Dr. Munk asking him to check on Ashley as there was a system alert, but when Bear went to do that, Jack tossed him a fake mouse, which shocked him.


He is a security guard.