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Beppe is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. He is portrayed by Michael Cera.


Beppe was working, monitoring the quamputer, when Joan Tait came in with actress Salma Hayek. When Joan saw that his monitor didn't show Salma playing her. He said that what she was seeing on the monitor was what the Joan below her saw. She wasn't the source Joan. She was just a Joan, played by the digital likeness of Annie Murphy in fictive level one. Even Beppe himself was part of the simulation. Michael Cera had licensed his face just like Annie Murphy had hers in level one and Salma Hayek in level two. They were just being tricked into believing they were real. Joan got angry at that point and slapped Beppe, knocking him out.


He works at Streamberry.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He appeared in fictive level one.