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The Britannia Party is a right-wing, fascist political party in the United Kingdom, founded by Michael Smart.


Michael Smart was elected as the Member of Parliament for Tipley in 1979. In 1997, he was expelled from the Conservative Party due to a racist speech he delivered in the town hall of his local constituency, where he referred to immigrants as "not just different, but inferior" and "overstayers".

Smart, undeterred by his expulsion, formed the Britannia party in late 1997 and in his inaugural speech as leader referenced Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood Speech, specifically stating "the rivers of blood are here". The party's initial motto was "Identity, Order, Respect" but gradually changed to: "Taking Britain Back, Improve Security, Restore Tradition" and then "This Land Is Ours, Halt Immigration, Restore Control" and finally "Control, Respect, Order".

Joan Is Awful[]

On the social media app Smithereen, USN reports that Prime Minister Michael Smart (also Leader of the Britannia Party) is visiting the USA and is being met by significant counter protests.

Demon 79[]

When Gaap gives Nida Huq an insight into the future of Michael Smart, she sees the rise and popularity of the Britannia Party and its eventual election as the majority party of the UK. The party however is never given the opportunity to rise in power due to the nuclear war that engulfs the entire world as a result of the actions taken and not taken by Huq.