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Catherine Ortiz is the main antagonist of Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. She is portrayed by Susan Pourfar.


Catherine took in her niece, Ashley, when Ashley's parents died. She helped Ashley start a career as a pop star, but when Ashley expressed desire to break away from that, Catherine stopped her and insisted she keep making the same kind of music she always had. When Ashley resisted, Catherine had her medicated. This came to a head when Ashley failed to make any progress on her new album, instead writing more of her own music. Catherine then had Bear, their security guard, put a camera in Ashley's dressing room, which revealed that Ashley was stockpiling her medication instead of taking it.

Catherine confronted Ashley with this after buying takeout for the night. When Ashley said she was gathering evidence against Catherine and Dr. Munk to get out of the contract she was under, Catherine said that wasn't going to happen and then told Ashley she'd put the pills in her food and that they'd cause a coma.

Catherine told the public that Ashley had had an allergic reaction to shellfish that left her in an irreversible coma. Meanwhile, she worked with Dr. Munk and Jackson Habanero to scan Ashley's brain and extract new songs while she slept. Then they used the recordings they had of Ashley from the Ashley Too doll to put out new music without Ashley. This escalated to Catherine helping develop Ashley Eternal, a hologram that would take the place of Ashley, allowing them to put on concerts around the world simultaneously. However, this plan was foiled when, as Catherine presented Ashley Eternal, the real Ashley came in and put an end to everything.


She is the aunt and former manager of her pop singer clone Ashley O.


She worked as her niece's manager.


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