Citizen Database is a mass government database featured in Hated in the Nation.


The database contains information on all residents of the United Kingdom. It can only be accessed by senior law enforcement services such as the National Crime Agency and GCHQ, with Shaun Li mentioning that not even the London Metropolitan Police have access.


  • Information:

The database contains information on every person residing in the United Kingdom, including: Name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, ethnicity, marital status and current location.

Season 3Edit

Hated in the NationEdit

When DCI Karin Parke and TDC Blue Coulson notice that Clara Meades is being targeted by the #DeathTo hashtag and is likely to be the next victim, Coulson hacks into the database to obtain her current location so they can take her into protective custody. Shaun Li is surprised by this, remarking that the Metropolitan Police are not supposed to have access.

The database is later utilised by Garrett Scholes, who uses it in conjunction with the IMEI numbers of all the users of the #DeathTo hashtag and the Autonomous Drone Insect's facial recognition to cause the deaths of over 387,000 people across the country.