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Clayton Leigh is a character appearing in Black Museum. He is portrayed by Babs Olusanmokun.


Clayton was arrested an imprisoned for the murder of Denise Stockley. He maintained his innocence in the crime. While he was in prison, Rolo Haynes came to Clayton and offered him a deal. If he was unable to prove his innocence and ended up getting executed, Rolo would buy the rights to his consciousness and would give a portion of the proceeds he made from its use to Clayton's family. Against his wife, Angelica's wishes, Clayton accepted the deal. When he was executed by electric chair, Rolo came and withdrew his consciousness from his body. Then he used it to create a holographic version of Clayton, which he put in the Black Museum and allowed visitors to come and electrocute him over and over again. This died down when Angelica led protestors against the Black Museum, but the museum remained open until Clayton's daughter, Nish, went there, killed Rolo while also freeing Clayton's consciousness, and then burned the building down.


He was married to Angelica Leigh until his death.