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David Ross is a character appearing in Beyond The Sea. He is portrayed by Josh Hartnett.


David was two years into a six-year space mission, but was able to spend time with his family via a lifelike replica on Earth, which allowed him to return to the station only when necessary. David and his family went out to see a movie to celebrate his son, Ricky's birthday. While they were out, Kyle and Sally recognized David and asked him questions about the replica. When the questions got too probing, David's wife, Jessica, had them move along.

That night, David and his wife shared an intimate moment together after their kids went to bed until he was paged back to the station. After doing a repair on the station, David returned home and went to bed. He was awakened in the middle of the night by a noise. Armed with a bat, he confronted four intruders, Kappa, Sigma, Theta, and Epsilon, members of a cult that believed the replicas were unnatural. He swung the bat at them, but they taunted him and then overpowered him, holding him down while Kappa cut off his replica's arm. Then they knocked him out, sending him back to the station.

When he returned, David was tied up on the couch and Jessica, Ricky, and his daughter, Lily, were all tied up as well. Jessica begged for her children's lives, but Kappa said that replicas were unnatural and she'd allowed it to happen under her roof, so she had to be punished. They bludgeoned her and her children to death, then doused David's replica in gasoline and burned it, destroying it.

Without a replica to inhabit, David was stuck on the station, grieving his family. He was left there alone while Cliff continued to visit his family. He watched the video of his family's funeral from the station. One day, he went out to the airlock, alarming Cliff. When Cliff got him back inside, he claimed he was just checking things.

Worried that David was at risk for suicide, which would ensure Cliff's death as well as the mission required both of them, Cliff decided to allow David to use his link and replica to go back to Earth so he could take a walk and feel the breeze on his face. After the first visit, David impressed Cliff with a drawing of his house. He offered to paint it for Cliff on Earth if Cliff would allow him to keep using his link.

Over a series of visits, David painted his picture and grew closer with Cliff's wife, Lana, whom he believed to be lonely and unhappy in her marriage. When he ran out of linseed oil, he and Lana went to a hardware store, where she bought more, then to a bookstore, where he picked out a book for her. One day, David put on music and pulled Lana in to dance with him. While they danced, he became touching Lana and she pulled away. They argued and Lana said that he was a guest in her house and that he was't her husband. She denied wanting him.

When David returned to the barn after this argument, he found the paint on the painting streaked and Cliff's son, Henry, with paint on his palm. He hit Henry, so Lana told him he needed to leave.

Despite this incident, Cliff allowed David to return to finish the painting, but Lana began taking Henry out during these visits, so she wouldn't see David.

When David returned from a visit, Cliff confronted him, as he'd found the drawings David had done of Lana, some of them nude, and believed they were having an affair. David insisted they weren't and said that Cliff had everything while he had nothing. He also said that Lana was lonely and unappreciated.

David later tried to apologize to Cliff for overstepping. He asked to make a final visit so he could say goodbye to Lana and apologize to her as well, but Cliff said that Lana didn't want to see him.

David then fake a coolant leak on the station to force Cliff out of the station. He stole Cliff's tag and used it to return to Earth, where he killed Lana and Henry. When Cliff learned what David had done, he went back to the station, where David just offered him a chair.


He and his wife had a loving relationship and their family was close.


He is an astronaut.

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