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Dogs are autonomous, robotic quadrupeds that are equipped with a series of lethal weapons. They are the primary antagonists of the episode Metalhead.


Dogs were first chronologically shown in the episode Demon 79. In 1979, when Gaap shows Nida a vision of Michael Smart's future, a dog can be seen in a recording.

Dogs were first chronologically introduced during the episode Black Museum. During Rolo Haynes' story of Jack and Carrie Lamasse, a news ticker can be seen describing a newly unveiled "autonomous military dog robot".

During the events of Metalhead, very little is revealed about the robots, other than they are relentless and brutally efficient killing machines which seem to be focused on exterminating what remains of humanity.

It is not shown whether they are fully autonomous, or are actually being controlled remotely by humans.


  • Explosive Tracking Devices: when dormant and in close proximity to a human, dogs shoot out a small ball which explodes in mid air, causing shrapnel to embed into the body of the human. Each piece of shrapnel contains a tracking device, allowing dogs to hunt the human down at a later time.
  • Limbs: dogs are equipped with four legs that allow them to move at exceptionally swift speeds. Each dog's right forelimb holds special mechanisms that allow them to perform various tasks:
    • Firearm: dogs have a small, self-loading gun inside of their right forelimb, which can be used to shoot and kill humans in fairly close proximity.
    • Data Probe: also built into their right forelimb is a futuristic device that allows them to manipulate electronic equipment.
  • Solar Charging: dogs are able to recharge their batteries by absorbing solar energy.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Their design is similar to that of the real life BigDog manufactured by Boston Dynamics.
  • In Colin Ritman's game METLHEAD, the player plays as a dog.
  • Dogs have never been seen in colour, as every time they are show there is either black and white filter or a poor quality single colour camera filter. Even in Colin Ritman's game, the whole game appears as black and white and the true colour can't be seen.