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Dr. Munk is a character appearing in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. He is portrayed by Nicholas Pauling.


Dr. Munk worked with Catherine Ortiz to control her niece, Ashley O. To do so, he prescribed medication to Ashley. When Catherine told Munk that they were behind on Ashley's next album, he said he could prescribe a mild hallucinogens to help make her more creative.

At one of Ashley's concerts, when she showed signs of rebellion, Catherine had Munk give her more medication, but they learned later that she spat them out and had been collecting her pills in a tin for a while. Catherine used the stockpiled pills to put Ashley in a coma. Dr. Munk scanned her brain and showed Catherine that the creative center of her brain was still very active and they used technology to keep her in a coma and extract songs from her brain, which they turned into recordings with the used of the voice recordings they'd taken for the Ashley Too dolls.

Six months into this, Munk got an alert that there was a problem with the system keeping Ashley in her coma. He called Bear and asked him to check on Ashley, then went to Ashley's place himself. He arrived to find Ashley awake. He told Catherine this and she told him to put Ashley back in her coma. He was preparing to do this when Jack Goggins attacked him and then Rachel Goggins used the sedative on him instead. Then they took Ashley and went to the stadium, where they interrupted Catherine introducing Ashley Eternal, which would essentially replace Ashley.


He is a doctor, but committed multiple ethical violations in his treatment of Ashley Ortiz.