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Peter Dawson is a character appearing in Black Museum. He is portrayed by Daniel Lapaine.


Peter Dawson was working as a doctor at St. Jupiner's Hospital when Rolo Haynes approached him with a proposal. Rolo had a prototype for a device that, when implanted in a person, would allow them to feel everything another person was feeling with the help of a hairnet-life device placed on their head. Dawson allowed Rolo to implant it in his brain and began using it to diagnose patients much more quickly and efficiently. He also used the device in his personal life while having sex so he could feel his own pleasure and that of his girlfriend Madge at the same time.

When a senator came in with suspicious symptoms, Dawson tried to diagnose him, but the senator coded and died while Dawson was connected to him. Dawson was unresponsive for five minutes, but when he came back, he checked out fine.

However, the next time Dawson and Madge were having sex, she stepped on a plug while still wearing the device and Dawson realized that he now felt others' pain as pleasure. He pressured Madge into increasingly rough sex until she ended things between them. Then at work, he allowed a patient's suffering to continue in order to prolong his pleasure until he was forcibly removed. He was sent home after that and while he was home, he discovered that he could feel his own pain as pleasure and began mutilating himself. Because it wasn't as good with the absence of fear, which he couldn't inspire in himself, he went out and found an unhoused person, whom he then tortured to death. The police came and he was sent to the hospital because the incident left him in a coma, still with a look of bliss on his face.


He dated Madge until Madge ended things between them due to Dawson's pressure on her to allow him to hurt her.


He was a doctor at St. Juniper's Hospital.