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Elena Tulaska is a supporting character in USS Callister. She is portrayed by Milanka Brooks.

Aboard the USS Callister, she is referred to simply as Tulaska.


Elena Tulaska lets Robert Daly into the office when he doesn't have a pass. Aboard the USS Callister, Nanette Cole arrives. She notices who Elena Tulaska is. Elena finds the fact that she is foreign and has blue skin to be a bit racist. She is not required on the mission on Rannoch 5. She reveals to Nanette that she was put into the game due to "insufficient smiling." As Cole reveals she can get into the system and hack, Elena works out that Cole means they will all die. Elena agrees with this and wants to be free. Elena watches as Lowry is turned into a monster. Elena, Packer, Cole and Dudani get through the wormhole, Elena is seen without her skin.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Elena Tulaska in real life has blonde hair and usually a plain expression on her face. Aboard the USS Callister, she has blue skin and red hair.


Memorable Quotes[]

Weird blue alien skin, I know. It's fucked up. Almost sort of racist.