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Epsilon is a character appearing in Beyond The Sea. He is portrayed by Ioachim Ciobanu.


Epsilon, along with Kappa, Sigma, and Theta, was part of a cult that believed the replicas created to allow astronauts on missions to spend time with their families were unnatural. As such, they came to the home of David Ross and waited for him and his family to be asleep before breaking into his house. David heard the noise they were making and threatened them with a bat to get them to leave, but they were able to overpower him and pin him down. Kappa cut off his replica's arm, calling it unnatural. Then Kappa sent Theta to get David's family and hit David in the head.

They tied David and his family up. Jessica begged for her children's lives, saying they were real and David was the only replica. Kappa said that didn't matter because she was still allowing it to happen in her home. They bludgeoned Jessica, Lily, and Ricky to death and then poured gas on David's replica and lit it on fire.

Once the crimes were completed, they went to the station and gave themselves up to be arrested.


He is in a cult with Kappa, Sigma, and Theta. They believed the replicas were unnatural.

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