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Eric is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. He is portrayed by Jared Goldstein and Jaboukie Young-White.


Eric went to work, where he watched as Joan Tait fired Sandy. Once it was done, he informed Joan that Brutus was going to escort Sandy out of the building.

Eric went home that night, where Julian showed him "Joan Is Awful," a new series on Streamberry. Eric quickly realized it was based on his boss. Eric was embarrassed by his own portrayed in the series, saying they'd made him way more flamboyant than he was, but Julian found it intriguing, leading Eric to suspect that he found TV Eric more attractive than him.

As they watched TV Eric console TV Joan after firing TV Sandy, Julian questioned how he could do that. Eric defended that she was upset. They continued watching as the show followed Joan home, where TV Joan discovered a show in her universe named "Joan Is Awful," with Cate Blanchett playing Joan.

The next day at work, Eric told Joan that everyone had seen the show and everyone was talking about it. He then told her that Brutus was there to escort her out as she'd violated her contract by talking about the data servers and the algorithm Sandy was writing, even though Joan hadn't made it public.


He is dating Julian.


He works as Joan Tait's assistant at Sonicle.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He appeared in fictive level one and fictive level two.