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The Experiencer Disk is a virtual reality device manufactured by TCKR Systems. It is featured in the episodes San Junipero, USS Callister and Striking Vipers.


The disk is a virtual reality device, which allows its user to become fully neurally immersed in virtual reality upon attaching it to their temple. It can be compared to the Mushroom device manufactured by SaitoGemu, however is more effective and advanced.

It is used for both gameplay and regular virtual reality immersion.

San Junipero[]

Experiencer Disks are used by Yorkie and Kelly Booth to gain access to the virtual reality world of San Junipero. Those who are alive and have not has their consciousness fully uploaded into the simulation are limited in their usage of the disks. The episode confirms the devices are manufactured by TCKR Systems.

USS Callister[]

Experiencer Disks are used by those who are involved in the testing and playing of Infinity, an immersive gaming experience developed by Callister Inc. One is also used by Robert Daly to play a re-skinned version of the game populated with virtual clones.

Striking Vipers[]

Both Daniel Parker and Karl use Experiencer Disks in order to play the SaitoGemu fighting game Striking Vipers X. The devices are referred to as "Experiencer Disks for the first time by Karl, having previously been unnamed in other episodes.


  • Virtual Reality Immersion

Upon attaching the device to their temple, the player becomes complatley immersed in the virtual reality experiencing it as if it were real life. This includes physical sensations such as pain and sexual pleasure.

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