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Fatima Klaas is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. She is portrayed by Danielle Vitalis.


Fatima came to Streamberry Corporation to interview Mona Javadi about the company and its success. They talked specifically about Joan Is Awful, the hit streaming show that followed Joan Tait and exploited her life for people's amusement. Mona told Fatima that was made possible by the quamputer, which was capable of taking the data from Joan's phone and using it to create a show instantly available to stream. Joan was merely a test subject and the plan was to launch a personalized experience for every Streamberry subscriber. Mona showed Fatima the one based on her life, which she said would be available to stream starting on Friday. Fatima asked why it was so negative and Mona said they'd tested more positive content, but their subjects didn't buy it. Showed them their most negative attributes confirmed their innermost fears and mesmerized them.


She is a reporter.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was shown in fictive level one.