Fences Pizza is a takeaway pizza fast food company. It appears in the episodes USS Callister and Crocodile.

Background Edit

The company presumably originated in the United States, but operates worldwide, including in the United Kingdom. It's primary colour scheme is red and white.

The company operates a fleet of Driverless Vehicles, which store pizza and deliver it to customers for collection.

Season 4 Edit

USS CallisterEdit

Whilst taking a break from his modded version of Infinity, Robert Daly collects a pizza delivered to his door from Fences Pizza. Nannette Cole later orders another pizza from the company to Daly's apartment in order to distract him so she can break in and steal DNA samples from his mini fridge.


A driverless delivery vehicle operated by Fences Pizza is seen on the road outside the Medina Plaza Hotel, where it accidentally collides with a pedestrian and breaks his arm. This forms part of the claim that insurance investigator Shazia Akmand investigates on behalf of Realm Insurance.

Season 5 Edit


An empty Fences Pizza box is seen in the home of Christopher Gillhaney in Ewelme, Oxfordshire when it is searched by PC Najma Haque and PC Damien Bullen of the Greater London Police.

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