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Frank is a character in Hang the DJ. He is portrayed by Joe Cole.


Frank joined the system to find his ultimate match. His first match was Amy, but they quickly learned that they only had 12 hours together before their relationship would end. They went back to their lodgings, but decided not to have sex during that time, instead just holding hands as they slept. The next morning, they both admitted to regretting choosing not to have sex. Their time ran out and they reluctantly parted ways.

After their parting, Frank was matched with Nicola for a year. They immediately disliked each other and their relationship was constantly strained. When the year was up, Nicola didn't even say goodbye to Frank before they parted ways.

Frank was surprised to be matched again very soon after things with Nicola ended and even more surprised to see that it was Amy, who had had a series of short flings. She asked him if they could not check their expiration date as it made her feel disconnected to have so many short flings. They decided to have sex as soon as they arrived at their lodgings, as they knew they might only have a little bit of time together.

While they were together, Amy said she'd started to wonder if the system was really as smart as they said it was or if it was just random and when people got their ultimate matches, they just accepted it because they were so worn out by the process. Frank shared his theory that it was all actually a simulation formed by everything their devices learned about them.

After some time, Frank decided he needed to know their expiration date and checked it. But because only he checked it and not Amy, the system initially told him they had five years, but then kept recalibrating to give them less and less time until settling at 20 hours and starting to count down.

Amy noticed a change in Frank's mood and asked him what was wrong, but he said everything was fine. However, after she pressed him, he admitted to what he'd done. She was angry at him for breaking their agreement. He told her they didn't have much time left and said he wanted them to ignore the system and keep going on. He wanted them to climb the wall and jump over to whatever was on the other side. Amy told him there was nothing out there and he'd ruined things between them. She left and he went back to their lodgings where he waited out the time and then left.

Frank got another match named Patty, but he was unable to stop thinking about Amy and Patty was unable to think of one of her past matches.

Finally, Frank got notified that the next day would be his pairing day with his ultimate match. Before that, he was given the opportunity to say goodbye to one person, as they learned it helped people get closure. He chose Amy, who was in the same boat as him and had also asked to say goodbye to him. They arrived to find they only had 90 seconds to say goodbye. They said that they felt like something changed when they met each other. She said she thought they were trying to keep them apart as some kind of test and them staying together was how they passed the test. They ignored their time running out and left together. A security guard with a taser tried to stop them, but Amy just put her hand on the taser, which caused everything around them to freeze. They went out to the wall and as they climbed, everything around them pixelated and then disappeared. They were left in a room with the number 998 above their heads. Around them were other versions of themselves, each with a number over their heads. Out of 1000 simulations, Frank and Amy rebelled 998 times to end up together.

In the real world, Amy and Frank were both in the bar when they showed up on each other's dating apps as a 99.8% match. They smiled at each other and Amy started to walk toward Frank.


He and Amy matched on a dating app. The dating app had run 1000 simulations to match them and they ended up together in 998 of them.


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