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Gainsborough is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. He is portrayed by Rich Fulcher.


Gainsborouth met with his client, Salma Hayek, whose image was used to make a Streamberry series called "Joan Is Awful" with Salma in the title role. She was angry that her image had been used to make such a blasphemous series, as the character Joan had defecated on the floor of a church. Gainsborough said she'd signed a contract that allowed Streamberry to use her likeness for anything they wanted. She was still angry because she hadn't read the contract and said that's why she paid him, to protect her from things like that. She wanted to sue them anyway, but he said she had no legal standing to do so, so she fired him and said she was going to sue him instead.


He is a lawyer. Salma Hayek is one of his clients.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was shown in fictive level one.