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Georgina Tarrington is a character who appears in Shut Up and Dance. She is portrayed by Susannah Doyle.

Physical Appearance[]

Georgina is a Caucasian woman in her late forties, with long black hair and glasses.


Tarrington is seen at the beginning of the episode dropping off a car in the basement parking garage of a Wayhaven hotel. She then leaves the keys on the back wheel in accordance with the hackers demands. She is wearing casual clothing and a hoodie, and appears to be paranoid about being recognised.

At the end of the episode, Tarrington is seen sat in a large office with the London skyline in the background, wearing business formal clothing, emotionally staring at a computer screen. The news report reveals she is the CEO of Wayhaven hotels, and several racist emails she sent to a colleague have been released to the press by the hackers after a cyber attack on her company.