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Grain is a memory recording neural implant device. It appears in The Entire History of You and is briefly mentioned in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.

In the UK , Russia, China, South Korea, and North Korea, it is a legal requirement to have either a grain or Z-eye implant installed. Not having either one is punishable by death.


The device is around the size of a grain of rice, and is inserted under the skin just behind the ear under local anaesthetic. It records all memories of what the user has seen since it was installed, allowing them to replay them in either in their head or on a screen. This process is known as a "redo".

The menu options on the Grain are controlled by a small handheld console, which can also be used to pay for services such as taxis via contactless payment. Removing the Grain without the aid of a medical professional is dangerous, and can cause brain and eye damage.

The Entire History of You[]

The grain is used extensively by the majority of characters throughout the episode, including: Liam Foxwell, Ffion Foxwell, and Jonas.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too[]

An advert for the Willow Grain implant is overheard on a television playing in the room of Rachel Goggins.

Joan Is Awful[]

A newspaper article reveals that the Grain's company is now moving on from the device's development, with the Grain seemingly viewed as going out of style. The same company is also reported to have said that they are looking to develop something else in the near future.


  • Redo:

This feature allows the user to replay any memory they have since the Grain was installed. This can be done at different speeds, and is sometimes requirement for security checks to board airplanes. Individuals can also be tagged.

  • Zoom:

During the redo, you can zoom in closely on any area of the footage.

  • Lip Reading:

If a redo contains footage of two people talking, but what they are saying cannot be heard, the user can zoom in and utilise the lip reading tool to hear what they are saying. This is used by Liam Foxwell to see what his wife Ffion Foxwell and Jonas were talking about at a party.

Notes and Trivia[]