Granular is an environmental robotics company responsible for the creation and maintenance of the ADI's in the United Kingdom. It appears primarily in Hated in the Nation.


The company oversaw the development of Autonomous Drone Insect's, which were created as an alternative to real life bees after a significant colony collapse disorder decimated the majority of the bee population.

However, in order to get permission and funding from the British government, they were forced to implement a backdoor into the ADI's, so security services such as the National Crime Agency would be able to use them for surveillance purposes in times of "increased national security".


Season 3Edit


A reference to Granular is briefly seen on the cover of a copy of Edge Magazine read by Cooper Redfield.

Hated in the NationEdit

The company is primarily featured throughout the episode. After it becomes clear that both Jo Powers and Tusk were killed by Autonomous Drone Insect's, DCI Karin Parke and TDC Blue Coulson visit the company's headquarters, where they are met by Vanessa Dahl. She introduces them to Rasmus Sjoberg in a large greenhouse, where he describes in detail how the ADI's function.

Bandersnatch Edit

The news ticker for the UKN news segment states that Granular is about to 'unveil prototype pollinator drone'.