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Hector is a character appearing in Shut Up and Dance. He is portrayed by Jerome Flynn.


Hector became bored with his marriage and went on a website to solicit the services of a sex worker. He contacted with Mindy and sent her nude photos of himself. He then made arrangements to meet her in person for a sexual encounter. While he waited for her in a hotel, Kenny came to his door to deliver a cake under instructions from a hacker. While Kenny was there, the hacker also contacted Hector and threatened to sent the pictures and emails to his wife, Penny, if Hector didn't follow their directions. Fearing that his wife would leave him and he'd lose custody of his children, Hector left with Kenny.

Kenny and Hector wre instructed to drive to a location outside the city. However, when they stopped for petrol, Karen, the head of Hector's kids' school's PTA, asked Hector for a lift home. Hector agreed, but while they drove, the hacker noticed they were going the wrong direction and said they had twenty minutes to get to their destination, forcing Hector to drive recklessly in order to drop Karen off and get to the location. There they were told to use a gun concealed in the cake to rob a bank. Hector insisted on being the driver as Kenny didn't have a license, leaving Kenny to perform the robbery. Though Kenny urinated out of nervousness during the robbery, he managed to get a bag full of cash and fled the scene with Hector.

From there, Hector was told to destroy the car alone while Kenny took the money to a spot in the woods, so they parted ways. Afterwards, Hector returned home to his family, but found that the hacker had already sent his wife the evidence of his infidelity, which she confronted him with.


He is married to Penny with two children: Theo and Cassie. He became bored with their relationship and sought the services of a sex worker named Mindy to cheat on his wife. He sent Mindy incriminating pictures which were later sent to Penny, who confronted Hector with them.


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