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Hector is a character appearing in Mazey Day. He is portrayed by Danny Ramirez.


Hector was talking to his friend, Bo, while they waited for Sydney Alberti to appear so they can other paparazzi could take pictures of her. She was upset because she'd taken the pictures that outed Justin Camley, an actor who went on to die by suicide as a result of being outed. Hector told her it wasn't her fault because she was just doing her job. Two other paparazzi, Duke and Whitty, had even less sympathy for Justin, saying he got into the career knowing what it would mean. Then when Sydney appeared, they all rushed to take pictures of her.

Later, Hector contacted Bo again, because Nick, who ran a tabloid, was offering $30,000 for the first picture of Mazey Day, who was in hiding after walking off a movie set, with an extra $10,000 if she looked like a junkie. He had no leads and was hoping Bo still had contact with her snitch. She said she'd taken his number out of her phone, so he asked her to reach out if she happened to find it anywhere.

Bo called Hector from Emerald Pines Diner when she got stranded there while following an SUV she believed was carrying Mazey Day. She had him take her to Cedarwood Retreat, a rehab for rich people that had been rented out for an entire weekend. They were trying to figure out how to get in when Duke and Whitty arrived, having used a tracker on Hector's bike to find them. Together, they found a place where the fence had a gap in the bottom and dug underneath it to give Duke enough space to slide under.

From there, they found the building and watched as Dr. Babich and his driver left. Then they approached the building and took pictures from inside. When Bo saw in the pictures that Mazey had a chain around her neck, she broke into the building to rescue her. Inside the room, Hector also took pictures of a goat that was in there. Over Mazey's objections that they needed to leave, Bo broke the chains while the other three took pictures of Mazey and the room. Then they watched as the full moon appeared and Mazey turned into a wolf. While Bo and Hector fled, Duke and Whitty stayed to take more pictures.

As they approached the fence, Bo and Hector heard Whitty screaming and then saw Duke coming out. They got under the fence, but Duke got stuck. Instead of helping Duke, Hector took his camera, saying his pictures were worth $1 million each. Hector and Bo then got on Hector's motorcycle and left. They got into an accident when another car approached, so they took off on foot while Mazey attacked the car driver.

Hector and Bo ended up back at Emerald Pines Diner, where they tried to get Clay Ritman to call for backup. Instead, he tried to handcuff Bo, but was stopped then they heard screaming from the kitchen, then Mazey appeared. She mauled Hector and then Clay when Clay shot at her. With Mazey subdued, Bo checked on Hector, who handed her his camera and died.


He and Bo were close friends until his death.


He was a paparazzo until his death.


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