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Henry Stanfield is a character appearing in Beyond The Sea. He is portrayed by Daniel Bell.


Henry's father, Cliff, was an astronaut who was two years into a six-year mission in space. He was able to return home regular via a lifelike replica of him. Despite this, the family struggled with loneliness and isolation as they'd recently moved to a remote location at Cliff's behest. When Cliff's co-worker, David's, family was murdered and his replica destroyed, Cliff decided to allow David to use his replica to return to earth without telling Henry.

David, in Cliff's replica, began painting a picture of their house. After watching David and Lana fighting, Henry used his hand to smear the painting. In response, David hit Henry, so Lana tried to ban David from using Cliff's replica anymore. When Cliff insisted on letting David continue, Lana began taking Henry out of the house during his visits. However, one day, David stole Cliff's tag and used it to inhabit Cliff's replica and kill Henry and Lana.


His family was quite distance, particularly after his father moved them to a house in a remote area.

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