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Iain Adair is a character appearing in Loch Henry. He is portrayed by Tom Crowhurst.


Iain was living in Loch Henry, Scotland, when he met Kenneth and Janet McCardle, a police officer and his wife, who were kidnapping, torturing, and killing people. They took Iain under their wing, teaching him their ways, and he began participating in murders with them. This came to an end after they kidnapped newlyweds Dawn and Simon Challis. The media heavily covered their disappearances until Princess Diana died and they moved on to that story. The case was cold until Iain went into The Lochside Inn and got drunk. He made comments about Dawn and threatened to come back and shoot up the place, so the own, Richard King, asked Kenneth to look into it to make sure he didn't. The official story became that when Kenneth knocked on Iain's door, Iain shot Kenneth in the shoulder, then fatally shot both his parents and then himself, but later, the truth came out that Kenneth had shot all of them, including himself, to cover up his role in the crimes.


He developed a relationship with Janet and Kenneth McCardle as they taught him how to kidnap, torture, and murder people.


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