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Infinity is a revolutionary immersive gaming system developed by Callister Inc. It is featured in the episode USS Callister.


The game and gaming system is developed by American company Callister Inc, with the main original coding and idea being the brainchild of CTO Robert Daly. The setting of the game is a futuristic space adventure, with the user being able to explore an infinite generated cosmos and interact with other players.

USS Callister[]

Created by Callister Inc, Infinity is shown to be a popular and revolutionary immersive gaming system. It is in the process of being updated with a new patch, which CTO Robert Daly intends to be released on Christmas Eve.

However, Daly has an isolated version installed on his home computer, which he has modded to change the appearance of the game to resemble that of his favourite television show, Space Fleet. In conjunction with a Digital Clone Replicator, he is able to generate digital clones of colleagues and employees he feels have wronged him, and trap them within the digital universe unable to escape.


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