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Jack Goggins is a character appearing in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. She is portrayed by Madison Davenport.


A few years after her mom died, Jack's dad moved her and her sister, Rachel, to a new town. Jack was annoyed when Rachel became entranced by a pop star, Ashley O, even asking for a doll based on Ashley, Ashley Too, for her birthday. Taking encouragement from Ashley Too, Rachel decided to enter her school's talent fundraiser. Jack watched from the audience as Rachel fell and then ran off stage. The next time Rachel and Kevin were gone, Jack took Ashley Too and hid her in the attic. Then she claimed to have thrown it in the trash when Rachel asked about it. Kevin said she'd have to buy Rachel a new one.

While Kevin showed Jack and Rachel his new prototype, Rachel was distracted by a news report that Ashley O was in a coma following an allergic reaction to shellfish. In response to this, Jack got the Ashley Too back out of the attic and gave it back to Rachel.

For the next six months, Rachel continued to ignore and resent Jack. One day, the Ashley Too, which Rachel had put on a shelf, started moving and talking erratically. Jack and Rachel took it down to the basement, where Jack plugged it into Kevin's computer. It scanned the doll's "brain," which had a ring in it. Jack deleted it, which caused the doll to wake up, suddenly containing Ashley's full consciousness without limit. Jack wanted to put the limiter back on, but Rachel made her promise not to.

Ashley told them what Catherine had done and said she needed to get back to her home so she could get the proof she needed to make a case against Catherine and Dr. Munk. Jack was reluctant, but Ashley and Rachel were able to talk her into driving them to Ashley's home. Jack then used her father's equipment as a ruse to get them in door. Inside, she distracted Bear while Rachel took Ashley Too upstairs to the room where Ashley lay unconscious. When Bear went to check on Ashley, Jack used the prototype mouse to shock him, knocking him out.

Jack when went upstairs, where it looked as though Ashley was dead after Ashley Too unplugged her machines, which Jack realized was Ashley's plan all along. Suddenly, the real Ashley woke with a gasp, but restraints kept her from getting up. Jack and Rachel hid when Dr. Munk came in to check on Ashley. When Dr. Munk tried to sedate Ashley, Jack hit him on the head with a bed pan, then Rachel injected him with the sedative. Then they freed Ashley from her restraints and helped her out to the car. They drove her to the stadium, where Catherine was presenting Ashley Eternal. They interrupted the presentation and Ashley was able to stop her aunt.

With Ashley free from her aunt's control, she started performing her own songs as she wanted, with Jack playing guitar and singing backup.


She didn't get along with her sister Rachel due to their very different interests.


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