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Jack Lamasse is a character appearing in Black Museum. He is portrayed by Aldis Hodge.


Jack met Carrie at a Halloween party, where they hooked up. Carrie got pregnant and they had a son, Parker. When Parker was still a baby, they were walking in a bar when Carrie stopped to take a picture of Parker and Jack. She backed up to get a good frame and was hit by a truck, an accident that left her in a coma. Four years later, she was still comatose, but was able to answer yes/no questions with the help of a device.

Rolo Haynes came to see Jack when he was visiting Carrie and said he had a way to restore communication with Carrie. He proposed extracting her consciousness from her body and implanting it in Jack's brain alongside his own. She would be able to hear, feel, and see everything he did and would be able to talk to him. While Jack was reluctant, Carrie was eager to do this and so they did it. At first, they enjoyed being able to be together agin, but Jack grew tired of his lack of privacy while Carrie became upset with her lack of agency. Jack went back to Rolo, who gave him the ability to pause Carrie. When Jack did so the first time, he left her paused for several weeks. After that, they made a deal that he would pause her during the week, but unpause her during the weekends so she could see Parker. Around this time, Jack started dating his neighbor, Emily, who did not like Carrie or her role in Jack's life. Jack and Emily went to see Rolo again and got Carrie's consciousness transferred into a stuffed monkey, which they gave to Parker as a toy. She was still able to see Parker and feel him, but she had only limited communication with him. Parker soon grew tired of the monkey and stopped playing with it while Emily and Jack enjoyed the newfound privacy in their relationship.


He was married to Carrie Lamasse. Together, they had a son named Parker. After Carrie was in an accident that left her comatose, Jack started dating Emily.