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James Walton is a supporting character in USS Callister. He is portrayed by Jimmi Simpson.

Aboard the USS Callister, he is referred to as Lieutenant Walton, or simply Walton.


James Walton is introduced as the CEO of Callister Inc., a gaming production company. When Robert Daly's latest update is late, he rebukes him, despite technically being equal in the company. When Daly returns home from work, he strangles the assimilation of Walton.The next day, Nanette Cole arrives on her first day at work. He notices her and offers a tour. When Cole is added to the game she meets Walton and the crew. After Cole finally complies with Daly's orders, she and most of the crew are brought out on a mission. They meet Valdack, the villain of the game and Gillian, a monster. When Daly pauses the game the group all come out of character until Daly returns. After the mission, Daly leaves. Shania Lowry explains to Cole how genitals do not exist in the game, Walton models. The next day, Cole explains how she can get the crew out of the game and plans to hack it. Walton is against this and explains how as punishment for disobedience, Daly has previously brought Walton's young son into the game, taken him to an airlock and expelled him into space before Walton's eyes. Cole manages to persuade Walton after she observes the new update (appearing as a wormhole). The crew manage to get Daly out of the ship and on a barren planet with the help of real-life Nanette. The ship suffers extreme damage from an asteroid belt and requires to be manually fixed. The crew realise whoever fixes the engine will be incinerated in the engines. Walton agrees to do this and leaves without hesitation. He gets to the engine and begins wiring, he calls Robert Daly and taunts him, switches the engines on and is burnt. After the ship flies through the wormhole he is not seen with the returning crew members.



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I treated you like a golden goose and got fat on the profits, figuratively speaking. And I was thinking I should have appreciated you more, you know? I should have treated you better. Yeah, yeah, I was thinking I should say all that. But you threw my son out of an airlock, so fuck you to death.