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Jem is a character appearing in White Bear. She is portrayed by Tuppence Middleton.


Jem took a job as an actor in the White Bear Justice Park. The park was founded after Victoria Skillane was found guilty of being an accomplice in the murder of Jemima Sykes, a six year old girl. As punishment, she was forced to live out each day in the park, unaware of who she was or what was happening as people hunted her while an audience watched and took pictures and video as she had with Jemima. In her role in the show, she had to interact with Victoria, pretending to be one of the few unaffected by the signal that turned everyone else into onlookers. Jem led Victoria through the park, avoiding hunters. Then they went to White Bear, where Jem said there was a transmitter they could shut off. While they were there, they were found by Knife Woman and Welder Guy, two of the hunters. In a confrontation, Victoria got Welder Guy's gun, but when she fired it, it only shot out confetti. Then the wall opened to show that they were on a stage and the whole thing was faked. After Victoria learned what was happening, Jem helped them reset everything for the next day, when Victoria's memory would be wiped clean again and everything would start over.


She is an actor at White Bear Justice Park.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Since she's an actor in the park, it's unclear if Jem is her real name or just the name of the character she plays.
  • It's interesting to note that Jem's name is very similar to that of Jemima Sykes, the little girl who was abducted and killed by Iain and Victoria. It could be that Jem's name is a sort of tribute to Jemima, and offers some poetic justice, as Victoria is being tortured by Jem on behalf of Jemima.