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Jonas is a supporting character in The Entire History of You. He is portrayed by Tom Cullen.


Jonas is a guest at the dinner party. Before they all eat, he talks to Ffion one-on-one and defends Liam from the other members of the dinner party. When they sit down to eat, Jonas reveals that he just broke up with his fiancee, and that even when they were together he would masturbate on his own to redoes of past relationships. After the party, Ffion and Liam invite Jonas back to their place and then change their minds once they arrive, saying it's late and they're tired. The next morning, Liam shows up at Jonas's house and accuses him of having an affair with Ffion. Liam attacks him and forces him to erase all his memories of having sex with Ffion.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Jonas is a scruffy-looking middle-aged man with brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Memorable Quotes[]