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Kate Cezar is a character appearing in Loch Henry. She is portrayed by Ellie White.


Kate was working for Historik when Pia Koresh and Davis McCardle came to her to pitch their documentary in the hopes of getting funding. They wanted to do a documentary on the disappearance and murders of Dawn and Simon Challis. After hearing their pitch, she told them they needed a hook to get people to buy it. Pia said that Davis's dad was one of the victims and their documentary gave him a voice. Kate said they could explore that angle and see what was there, but she wanted them to get something new, that hadn't been seen or explored before. Pia lied and said they had access to the house, including the torture room.

Davis and Pia worked on the documentary together, until Pia learned that Davis's parents were the real mastermind behind the murders and while trying to escape from his mother, she fell in a river and died. Davis finished the documentary on his own, including the true story, told for the first time. Kate produced the documentary, which went on to win a BAFTA. At the awards ceremony, Kate accept the award and thanked Davis for allowing them to tell his story.

At the after-party, Kate pointed out an actress to Davis, saying she was in a show that Kate didn't like. When the actress came over, she changed her tune and praised the show. Then she told the actress that they were developing a drama based on Davis's documentary and indicated she might be good for the role of Pia.


She is a producer for Historik.

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