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Keith Holligan is a character appearing in Demon 79. He is portrayed by Nicholas Burns.


Keith killed his wife because he suspected she was cheating on him. He was tried for the crime, but the judge ruled that she'd driven him to it, so he remained free.

After his, he went to Possetts to get a new pair of shoes. Nida Huq helped him choose a pair and when he didn't have enough money to pay for them, she offered to set them aside for him.

Keith saw Nida again when he was out at a bar. She followed him as he left and he invited her back to his place.

At his place, Keith led Nida up to his room. Then he put on some music and went to clean himself up. When he came back, Nida was holding a hammer. He realized she was going to kill him and quickly resigned himself to his fate. He said it was what he deserved. He kept talking about him killing his wife, until was interrupted when Nida hit him with the hammer and killed him.


He was married until he killed his wife.