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Kenneth McCardle is a character appearing in Loch Henry. He is portrayed by Gregor Firth.


Kenneth and his wife, Janet, at some point prior to summer 1997, began kidnapping, torturing, and murdering people as a duo. Their crimes went largely undetected, as disappearances were attributed to other causes, until they kidnapped Dawn and Simon Challis, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. They had recruited Iain Adair and he participated in their torture and murders. When Iain got drunk and made comments about Dawn at The Lochside Inn, Kenneth went to the Adair house under the guise of checking on Iain to make sure he didn't make good on his promise to come back and shoot the place up. Kenneth reported that while was there, Iain shot him in the shoulder, then fatally shot both his parents before shooting himself. However, what actually happened was that Kenneth shot all three Adairs and then shot himself to cover up his role in the crimes. This backfired when Kenneth contracted MRSA during his subsequent hospital stay and ultimately died of the infection.

Years later, while his now-grown son, Davis, was making a documentary about the crimes, the truth was discovered. Janet hanged herself and left the evidence of their crimes out for Davis along with a note to use it for his documentary.


He was married to Janet McCardle until his death. They had a son, Davis, who was unaware of their crimes until after they had both died.


He was a police officer until his death.

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  • He and Janet taped all their crimes after episodes of the show Bergerac.


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