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"I just looked at some photos!"
— Kenny trying to justify his actions.

Kenny is the protagonist of Shut Up and Dance. He is portrayed by Alex Lawther.


Kenny returned home from his busboy job to find that his sister, Lindsay, had accidentally infected his laptop with malware. Kenny downloaded Shrive, a purported anti-malware tool, which actually allowed an unseen hacker to use the laptop's camera to record him masturbating. The hacker emailed Kenny, threatening that the video would be sent to everyone in his contacts list unless he followed a series of instructions.

The next day at work, Kenny got a text directing him to a location 15 miles away, with only 45 minutes to get there. He frantically cycled to the coordinates. There, he was met by Moped Man, also acting on instructions from the hacker, who gave Kenny a box with a cake inside. Kenny was instructed to deliver the cake to a Wayhaven hotel room, where he found Hector. Hector then received blackmail messages of his own. He was about to cheat on his wife with a prostitute, and followed the instructions out of fear he would lose custody of his children.

Kenny and Hector were instructed to drive to a location outside the city. However, when they stopped for petrol, Karen asked Hector for a lift home. Hector agreed, but while they drove, the hacker noticed they were going the wrong direction and said they had twenty minutes to get to their destination, forcing Hector to drive recklessly in order to drop Karen off and get to the location. There they were told to use a gun concealed in the cake to rob a bank. Hector insisted on being the driver as Kenny didn't have a license (Kenny was still learning how to drive, so he hasn't taken his test yet), leaving Kenny to perform the robbery. Though Kenny urinated out of nervousness during the robbery, he managed to get a bag full of cash and fled the scene with Hector.

Hector was told to destroy the car, while Kenny carried the money to a drop-off point in a nearby wood, so the two of them parted was. In the woods, Kenny met another blackmail victim, who explained that they had to fight to the death while the blackmailer observed through a camera-equipped drone and the money would go to the winner. Kenny tearfully protested that he merely looked at some pictures, but the man guessed that – like him – it was child sexual assault material. Kenny brandished the gun, then attempted suicide, but found the gun wasn't loaded. They fought hand to hand, as the drone transmitted.

Some time later, Kenny staggered from the woodland with the money, bloody from the fight. He received a hysterical call from his mother. The video of him masturbating to pictures of children was made public. He ended the call as the police arrived and stood still as they approached him.


He has a contentious relationship with his sister, Lindsay, because Lindsay took his laptop while he was at work. She also steals his Coke cans from the his mini-fridge. As a result, Kenny screws a lock onto his door so that his sister won't steal any more items from his room.

However, he has a close relationship with his mother; and was deeply heartbroken when he heard her screaming at him down the phone after she and Lindsay found that he masturbated to child pornography.


He is a busboy at Barnies BBQ. However, it is unlikely that he will keep his job there after his paedophilia is revealed (especially from the way he interacted with a customer's young daughter earlier).


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