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Kevin Goggins is a character appearing in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. He is portrayed by Marc Menchaca.


A few years after his wife died, Kevin took his two daughters, Rachel and Jack, and moved. He worked as an exterminator, specializing in mouse removal, and wanted to develop a better mouse trap. He spent much of his time in the basement working on this. Ahead of her birthday, Rachel asked Kevin for an Ashley Too doll, which was based on her favorite pop star, Ashley O. He decided to get her one and gave it to her on her birthday.

With Ashley Too's encouragement, Rachel decided to learn an Ashley O dance and perform it at her school's talent show. Kevin and Jack came to support her, but before Rachel's turn, Kevin noticed a mouse trap on the floor. He picked it up and took it to the school's caretaker. He wanted the school to start using a different kind because the kind they were using was inefficient, but the caretaker said it wasn't up to him.

Rachel fell during her performance and ran off the stage. As they drove home, Kevin told Rachel he was sure it wasn't as bad as she thought.

Soon after that, while Rachel and Kevin were out, Jack hid Rachel's Ashley Too doll, believing it was doing more harm than good for her. When Rachel discovered this, she got angry with Jack. When Jack said she'd thrown it in the trash, Kevin said she'd have to buy Rachel a new one.

Kevin developed a prototype of a fake mouse that would go up to real mice and shock them with electricity, giving people the time to relocate them. Unfortunately, the voltage was too strong and it killed the mouse he used to test it. While he was showing Rachel and Jack this, Rachel was distracted by a news report that Ashley O was in an irreversible coma after an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Six months later, Rachel and Jack helped Ashley break free of her aunt's grasp, including an induced coma, and Jack joined Ashley's band as she started performing the music she wanted to. While at one of their shows, Kevin tried to pitch his mouse trap to the bartender who brushed him off.


He was married until his wife, Genevieve, died. Together, they had two daughters, Rachel and Jack.


He is an exterminator, specializing in rodent removal.