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Krish is a character appearing in Joan Is Awful. He is portrayed by Avi Nash and Himesh Patel.


Krish made his fiancée, Joan, eggs for breakfast and then she went to work. When Joan came home from work late, she claimed she'd been at a goodbye party. Joan and Krish settled on the couch to watch something and found a show on Streamberry called "Joan Is Awful" that seemed to be based on Joan, with Salma Hayek in the title role. They started watching the show and Joan quickly realized it was based on her life, starting that morning when she'd woken up.

Joan started to panic as they watched and Krish tried to calm her down. As they continued to watch, Joan defended herself and Krish said he believed her until the show showed her getting a text from her ex-boyfriend. Joan denied that happening and wanted to stop watching, though Krish insisted on continuing. They watched as TV Joan told her therapist that she found Krish boring while Mac was exciting. Krish started packing to leave, ignoring Joan's attempts to stop him. As he went to leave, they watched TV Joan kiss TV Mac. Krish scoffed and left.

Joan followed Krish out to his car, continuing to insist that it wasn't real. He asked her to prove she hadn't texted Mac by showing him her phone. She said her phone was inside, which he said was convenient.


He was engaged to Joan Tait, but he ended things when he learned she found him boring and she'd kissed her ex-boyfriend, Mac.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He was shown in fictive level one and fictive level two.