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Lana Stanfield is a character appearing in Beyond The Sea. She is portrayed by Kate Mara.


Lana's husband, Cliff, was two years into a six-year space mission, but was able to spend time with Lana and their son, Henry, via a lifelike replica on Earth. They had recently moved to a house in a remote area at Cliff's behest, straining their relationship as Lana had been very social and had friends in their old home. She asked to have a party so they could met some of the locals, but Cliff didn't think it was a good idea.

When David's family was murdered and his replica was destroyed, Cliff told Lana he became extremely depressed and he once caught him in the airlock, seemingly contemplating throwing himself out. If he did, it would assure Cliff's death as well because the mission required both of them and his body was still on the station. Lana suggested that Cliff let David use his link to come to Earth and take a walk.

Lana greeted David when he first arrived and they went for a walk in the forest together, during which David cried. During Cliff's next visit, she told him what had happened and he told her he thought it had worked because David seemed lighter. When David offered to paint a picture of their house if Cliff allowed him continued use of his replica, Lana was reluctant, but allowed it. She purchased everything David had said he needed for the project. As he worked, Lana began watching him and spending more time with him. One day, he guided her to paint a part of a tree herself.

When David ran out of linseed oil, he and Lana went to a hardware store, where Lana bought more. Then David took her to a bookstore, where he recommended a book for her to buy. When the bookstore clerk recognized him, but as Cliff, she began talking about David and his family. Back in the car, Lana comforted David.

During a later visit, David pulled Lana in for a dance and began to touch her as he had his wife. She pulled away from him and left. Back in the house, she told David she thought she'd given him the wrong idea. She told him he was a guest in her home and that he didn't know her and didn't know what she wanted despite his insistence that he did. When she learned that Henry messed up David's painting and David hit him in response, she told Cliff that she didn't want David visiting anymore. Cliff said it was fine, that someone needed to keep Henry in line, and he wanted to let David finish the painting, as it would only be a couple more visits.

When David next visited, Lana told him his things were set up and she took Henry to the pool to avoid him.

Cliff came back and was angry because he'd found some drawings David made of Lana nude and believed they were having an affair. Lana story on her life and Henry's that nothing happened, but reminded him that she wanted David's visits to stop. Cliff destroyed David's painting and they argued about Cliff isolating them. She said David didn't touch her, but for a moment, she wished she did because it felt like her husband was back. Cliff hugged her and apologized.

David later stole Cliff's tag, which he used to return to Earth and kill Lana and Henry.


She and her husband had a distant relationship because he moved them away from everyone they knew.

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  • She likes to read.


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