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Laura Simons is a character appearing in Demon 79. She is portrayed by Lillie Mae Law.


Laura was being molested by her father, Tim. One day, Tim didn't come home, so her mother, Jean, reported him missing. Suzie and Len Fisher came to the Simons house to talk to Jean about the disappearance and get a picture of Tim. While they were there, Laura glared at them when they said they were there to find her dad.

When Tim was found dead, Jean took Laura to Possetts to get shoes for his funeral. Nida Huq helped her find some and Laura was unaware that Nida had been the one to kill Tim.


She was molested by her father every night starting a young age. This abuse continued until her father's death.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Had Nida not killed Tim, Laura would have committed suicide at the age of 28.
  • Had the world not ended, she would have become a mother at 29 and a grandmother at 57.