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Len Fisher is a character appearing in Demon 79. He is portrayed by Shaun Dooley.


Len was working when Suzie came in and told him that Tim Simons was missing according to his wife, Jean. Len didn't think much of it until Suzie told him that the dog had come home without Tim. They went the Simons house to talk to her. She gave them a picture of Tim and told them that Tim wasn't one to stay out, which was why she was worried. The next day, they found Tim's body in the river. He had a head wound that indicated that someone had hit him on the head.

Suzie and Len then investigated the deaths of Keith and Chris Holligan, who were killed in their home. As part of this investigation, they went to the bar Keith went to the night before and learned that Nida Huq had also been there, which was unusual. The barmaid, Julie, told them that Nida had been talking to herself and worked at Possetts.

Len went to Nida's home, where he questioned her about her being in the bar. She said it was her late mother's birthday and she was having a hard time, so she got a drink. Len was suspicious because she claimed not to know Keith Holligan, despite Len having proof that she'd waited on him at Possetts. Len then left, but watched Nida and followed her when she left. He kept following her as she started to follow Michael Smart. He got caught at a railroad crossing and when he caught back up with Nida, she had run Michael off the road and was trying to kill him. Len tried to stop her, but she said there would be a war if she didn't kill him by midnight. He told her they'd deal with that if it came to it and got her to put her hammer down.

Len took Nida to the station, where he and Suzie then questioned Nida. She told them she had to kill three people before midnight or the world would end. They were doubtful as she had no proof. The talisman she claimed was marking the kills was an ordinary domino. As midnight passed, Suzie told Len she actually felt a bit sad for Nida as she seemed like she was sick. Then they heard a noise in the distance and went to a window, where they watched several bombs be dropped, which started fires that engulfed the world, including them.


He was a police detective until his death.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Had the world not ended, he would have died of a heart attack the following year.