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Lenny is a character appearing in Hang the DJ. He is portrayed by George Blagden.


Lenny was matched with Amy by the system. They met up and immediately checked to see that they'd be together for nine months. When they got back to their lodgings, Lenny said he'd had five matches before her and found it was best if they had sex right away to break the ice, so they did that.

For the next nine months, they remained together, though as time went by, Amy began to get irritated with the sound Lenny made every time he took a sip from a glass. When their time together ended, Amy was happy to move on.


He was matched with Amy for nine months. Their relationship started off well, but by the end, things had declined severely.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • As he was only seen inside the simulation, it's unclear if he's a real person.